10 reasons why you should invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies before it’s too late!

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We are living in one of the best times in history, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will soon change the way money works. Just like the internet disrupted entire industries, bitcoin will disrupt the banking and the federal system and will bring the control of money back to the people.

Bitcoin was just a dream a decade ago, but now it’s a reality. Bitcoin is the new digital money that’s being used to make anonymous peer to peer transactions without the need of an intermediary party.

“The true power of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies  is the power to print and distribute money without a central power”

With the current banking system It takes a few days to send a wire transfer, with bitcoin however, it only takes minutes or even seconds to send thousands across the globe. Transactions are secure and anonymous, which means governments or third parties are unable to trace where your money is going.

The most important part of bitcoin is that it’s 100% decentralized, which meas that nobody controls it, there is no central server, the bitcoin system is run by millions of computers around the world, which makes it impossible to shut down.

If you want to dig deep into the fascinating story of bitcoin, how was created? who created it? how does it work? and why it will have a profound effect in the near future? then i recommend the following books:

1. Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money.

2. The internet of money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

With that being said lets dig deep into the 10 reason why you should invest into bitcoin before it’s too late.

1. Bitcoin is a scarce resource just like gold

One of the characteristics of good money is scarcity and bitcoin has a maximum supply of only 21 million. Unlike fiat currencies, once that limit is reached, there will no more bitcoins to be created.

Bitcoins are created using computer power, more precisely using GPU power to solve difficult puzzles, when a computer solves a puzzles it gets rewarded with freshly baked bitcoin. This process is called Bitcoin Mining, at the present time there is around 16 million bitcoins already mined and there is only around 5 million bitcoins left to be mined.

The more scarce bitcoin becomes and the more people buy it, the higher the price will go. On the other hand, fiat currencies have been slowly depreciating over time and it will get to the point were most of them will be worthless.

2. The price of bitcoin will go as high as $100,000 for each coin or even more.

When I first heard about bitcoin back in 2014 it’s was trading around $600 per coin. Three years later, around August 2017 when I bought my first bitcoin, it was trading at around $3,500. At the present time bitcoin is trading at around $9500, that’s roughly $5000 profit for myself.

Bitcoin is still in it’s early stages and about to go mainstream, only 1 – 5% of the world’s population know about bitcoin. Once bitcoin hits mainstream and gets massive adoption, the price will soar to highs never seen before.

The ones who will benefit the most from this will be the early adopters and the rest of the population will have to adapt to a system that is here to stay. The more people buys bitcoin and the less is there to be mined the more expensive and valuable the currency will be.

3. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, we won’t need banks anymore

Banks have been unchallenged for years and that is about to change, bitcoin will soon disrupt the entire banking system and bring the control of money to people again, just like before.

With bitcoin you have the ability to have your own bank from the comfort of your computer and make transactions as needed 24/7. Think about that, you can send money and buy products or services without asking for permission or being monitored by a third party.

Governments have the ability to seize your bank account and assets without asking for your permission, bitcoin changes the whole game, governments can’t just take your bitcoins and get away with it, you will have to give them permission.

4. Bitcoin is unstoppable

Despite continuous attempts from the banking system and the governments to destroy bitcoin, the cryptocurrency only keeps on getting stronger and stronger to the point where it’s unstoppable.

Banks and institutions have called it a ponzi scheme, a bubble, a fraud. Governments have tried to ban it from various countries and make it illegal, however, bitcoin has prove itself over and over again.

Bitcoin is here to stay and nobody can stop it, once bitcoin gets massively adopted, governments and banks will collapse and lose power over the masses. Bitcoin will do to the banking system what the email  did to the post office.

5. Bitcoin can make you a millionaire 

Bitcoin has the power to take millions of people out of poverty and is creating new millionaires at a paced never seen before. We are witnessing one of the best opportunities in history and it’s just getting started.

You can make money in different ways specifically buying and holding, mining, and trading. You can make thousands of dollars by investing in bitcoin and learning how to trade it, mine it, and make huge profits.

The most secure strategy for beginners is buy and hold bitcoin and watch as the price goes up then take profits as needed.

There are resource that can teach how to do all of this without putting all your money at risk, as always, you should always only invest what you are willing to lose.  I will be writing an article in the future about how to invest in bitcoin and create passive income.

With that being said, bitcoin brings an opportunity never see before that has the power to change the world in a profound way.

6. Bitcoin is GOLD 2.0 and digital money

Bitcoin is a secure store of value just like gold, but unlike gold, bitcoin can be moved easily and instantly from one point to another. You can easily send thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin instantly and at a cheaper price to the other side of the world.

Companies around the world are starting to accept bitcoin to buys goods and services and more companies are joining. Soon bitcoin will be the official internet currency and nobody will be using fiat.

7. Bitcoin is anonymous and untraceable

When you use a bank to purchase products or to send money, you need to use your identity and third parties are involved to approve your transactions. Which means banks have the power to monitor all your moves and even deny transactions.

With bitcoin however, you don’t need to use your identity to make transactions. Each transaction is anonymous and when you send or receive bitcoin all you need is your wallet address to receive bitcoin. Nobody know who sends to who and for what it’s being used, that in itself makes bitcoin private, anonymous, and untraceable.

8. You can easily buy bitcoin

There are many place to buy bitcoin and it’s becoming easier and easier to have access to bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin using your bank account, or your credit card.

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The best and fastest way to buy bitcoin is using Coinbase, which is a service that I have personally use and the best part is you get $10 worth of bitcoin when you sign up and buy at least $100.

You don’t need to buy a lot of bitcoin to get started, you can do your research and buy just $50 or $100 worth of bitcoin to get started.

Get some bitcoin, taste it and see if you like it, this is the future currency and this has been one of the best investment I have ever made in my life.

9. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a bright future

Despite all the attempts to destroy bitcoin, the future looks bright and promising. Apart from bitcoin there are thousands of new cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, OmisoGO and each of these cryptos  solve  specific need in the market and will disrupt many industries including banking, gaming, real estate, app development, privacy, finance, and much much more.

We are entering one of the most exciting times in history where we will see a major shift just like the internet in the 90’s, there is still time to take part of this great opportunity.

Power will no longer belong to a selected group of people or industries like governments or companies. People will have the freedom to create their own paths and control their own future and this in it’s self is powerful.

10. Bitcoin will change your life for the better

Bitcoin was present as an opportunity for me a couple months ago and it truly has changed my life for the better. My perspective on money has changed and bitcoin has open many doors and possibilities in my life.

I’m very luck to be part of this shift and I want as many people as possible to know what bitcoin is and what it can do for humanity.

It’s not too late to get started and see for yourself how this technology can change your life.  There is still room for massive growth and great opportunity.

Bitcoin is the future and people is just waking up to this new reality, the future looks bright and promising. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will bring profound changes to the world and this is just the beginning.

Before you do any investment, you should always do your own research and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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