5 Coding Apps That Will Turn Your Child Into Steve Jobs

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We all want our kids to succeed and teaching them code; will surely help them get there. In this evolving world we live in, technology is moving forward every day. By simple teaching, kids can start early and get an advantage by learning how to program a computer. Most of the influential people of our time began coding very young. You might be raising the next Steve Jobs by investing in their future.

No matter how ignorant the world is to computer programming, do not be in that crowd. Set your kids up properly for the future. By allowing them to learn code, they are able to express themselves with games and a few cool tricks. Imagine the world you open for them by adding another language to what they know. They say, kids learn fastest when they are still young so now is the time to strike. I wish my parents taught me these things. I can only imagine how much better my life would be. Do not underestimate the value of doing this. Many parents are catching up and in a few years’ time your child could fall in love with computer programming.

With the short attention span of kids, we suggest using these 5 coding apps. These are all kid friendly, fun and informative.

  1. Scratch

Scratch is a free programming language with popularity rising by the minute. With over 3 million user projects uploaded, one has surety that this app must be a winner. Scratch is a visual programming language created for kids. I do believe any beginner can use this program, no matter what age you are. This app can really help with programming and make kids fall in love with code. Once your kid understands how to program a computer a whole new world opens. Code Clubs made the app scratch popular in the UK. Scratch is an introductory language to help kids’ learns through play. There are so many different levels to this app that can teach both the student and the teacher. For example, if you love (love might be a strong word) math, you can learn some amazing things using “Lemonade stand” or “Ellipserator”. Just the same, teachers can use Scratch to design science projects. This app is so much more than just learning code. You almost don’t realize your child is learning because it is so much fun.


  1. Tynker

This app was created for 4th to 8th graders. Similar to Scratch, this app teaches kids through fun and play. It has even been said to be the easiest app to teach kids code. It teaches to solve problems through building puzzles, build games as well as well as controlling robots using a step-by-step coding system. How amazing is that. You show me one kid who does not want to invest his / her own game. It’s truly exciting to be able to enter a code and control what happens on our screens. Learning computer programming is the future and we want you to prepare your little one for that. This app is a great way to tech through play. Give your kids some programming homework that is fun and results in something awesome. They even include a physics tab to help you understand the subject better. Perhaps you are a more artsy person. Well Tynker got you covered and included a drawing tab as well. I guarantee you your child and yourself will have a ton of fun on this app. How many games do our kids play on a daily basis without learning anything? At least with this app, you can sit back, knowing this is a form of education.


  1. Hopscotch

Hopscotch has been around for a while. I always believe apps make it and stay at it if they are good. Many kids have learned code through this app and so can you. With a lot of in-app videos, you will be sure to get to know the app in minimal time. Hopscotch is an award winning app and allows you to publish your own art and games. How incredible would it be to design a game and have everyone play it? You might just create one that becomes famous, who knows. With Hopscotch, you have so many options available as well. Enough to keep your kids and yourself busy for a long time. Hopscotch provides scaffolding learning to help kids learn code. This app is for kids who can already read if they want to use it without parental guidance. You can even create your own coding stories once you’ve mastered all the loaded levels. Do you remember old school arcade games? Well this is the feel you get when you use Hopscotch. It will take you back to the days of your childhood. Hey, at least you can give your child the opportunity to experience it too.


  1. Daisy the Dinosaur

Pretty cool name for an app I must say. Sounds like fun already. This is a pretty interesting app. Basically, the users of this app has to manipulate a character, Daisy, through events and computer programming. Even though this program comes across as very basic, it was designed for kids. To be honest, some adult beginners might learn a thing or two from Daisy the Dinosaur. The simplicity of the app is of course a joy for kids to be on. It is not over complicated so learning code seems doable to the youngsters.


  1. Mozilla Thimble

This is a new web-based code editor. Only suggested for kids from ages 12 up; I have had a look at it and you could definitely let your 10 year old have a go at it. Although a little more complicated than the other apps mentioned, this one will teach you some great code. Mozilla Thimble was created to teach HTML to newbies and not so much to the advanced programmers. This is great for your kids though seeing as it is not too complicated. Do not sell this app short though. It is almost hitting middle ground for level of difficulty. As kids get older, they need something challenging. Perhaps you can start with one of the apps above and as they get bored, or figure all the codes out, let them try Mozilla Thimble.

It is important to remember that this is not 1990 and we are living in a time and space where technology has pretty much taken over. Prices are an issue sometimes and we all could use a freebie. None of these options are going to cost you a fortune. Believe me there are some really expensive programs out there that will probably teach your kids the same thing. Be careful to research anything new that you invest your money and time in. We did not only suggest these apps because they are on the cheaper side. They are actually good and if used correctly will kick start your child in learning code.

Here are some reasons to teach kids code

  • Giving your child the ability to communicate with a machine is a really cool thing to do. Let’s be honest, it would be pretty awesome for your kid as well as yourself. This is basically the foundation of being a superhero! Being able to write code will allow your child to enter information (a secret language) into the computer and it will respond in a way you’ve never thought possible.
  • We all believe that learning code is for the really smart people and if your brain is not wired in a certain way, you could never learn code. The truth is, it is just like learning any other language. We all know kids pick up a new language like no one’s business. My own kids speak 3 languages of which I only taught them one. They picked this up by speaking to others, watching videos or some other way I know nothing about. It is amazing. Teaching your kids code, you will realize how amazing their brains are to catching new things.
  • It changes the way they think. Allowing your child to think outside of the box and using different parts of their brain is amazing. You are teaching them to think in a way they have never done before. Public school first graders in Estonia are learning code. What the heck? Why are we allowing our kids to be left behind by this growth of technology? Imagine how capable your child will feel by having this amazing ability to read code.
  • Take your child from using technology like everyone else, to creating technology. Read that sentence again. Some of the world’s wealthiest, successful people are able to do computer programming. Why is that? Well you see, this is just the way the world works now. Back in the day studying to be in a professional profession was the way to go. Even though these careers are still important, it is the Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs that really control so much.
  • There is a shortage of programmers. This fact is astonishing, considering the times we live in. It is true though. The world could use some good programmers. People are simply put of by it because it is unfamiliar. The great thing about this fact is the job opportunities and entrepreneur opportunities that will await your child. Teach them now and secure their future.
  • Computer programmers earn good salaries. Yes so not everything is about money, but money is important in this day and age. It is just a fact that working with programming computers will put you in a higher pay scale. If you are a math or science student, consider this as a career. You will most likely end up working on a computer one day. Educate yourself now to make your future a little easier.
  • By 2020 1 million computing jobs will go unfilled in the United States because of a lack of computer programmers. Many students are studying and will struggle to find employment after graduation. By studying computer programming, you are more likely to find employment. I hope it is clear which direction gives you better opportunities after graduation. You do not want to be part of the statistic taken on jobless US citizens. Do not let your kids be one of those people. Do the right thing and let’s talk to our kids and let them know that this career exists. It is definitely not communicated enough.
  • Your kids can achieve their dreams. Computers are not human. They do not feel like human, they do not rationalize like a human. They are simply going to react on the data you enter. By doing this you simply have to know your job, instead of sitting in an environment filled with people who treat you badly. You can create an app so successful; you can be anyone you want to be. Our future is digital so why not equip them as grownups of the future with the right tools.

I would hope that after all that you understand the importance of teaching code to kids. This is the one subject we also have to get into our schools. Like I’ve mentioned there are countries that are way ahead already. We need to close that gap by teaching these kids the language of the future. Our world needs people with these talents. With so many people jobless and so many unfilled jobs in this industry, I really hope people wake up and start studying in this direction. It’s like telling you I will give you a job in a few years’ time if you could just do this one thing. Why would you not?

Let’s start creating the future computer programmers early by downloading these apps. If you do not want to download these apps, go and look for websites that teach code. By all means possible try and get it right and teach kids code. It is important for our future and theirs.



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