Top 6 Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones

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Rooting an Android smartphone is really a fun thing to do if you do it right. Of course, if you can’t get it right the first time, you can start over and get everything right. But once you have rooted your smartphone, then what? Then you can do a lot of thing with your device.

You can install different Custom ROMs on it, install different types of scritps to tweak your smartphone’s performance and customize your device as you want.

Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones

But you must be aware of the top apps that you need to install whenever you root your smartphone. Here are the best Android Apps for Rooted Phones that you must have on your device after you have rooted it.

6 Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones

#1. Titanium Backup

Backup is the most important thing you need to do before you proceed in doing the tweaking work of any of your gadgets. And once you have rooted your Android smartphone, you won’t stop there and might go ahead and do a lot of things with your device.

So in order to save your device from getting messed up, you need to take a complete backup so that you can restore it if anything goes wrong. Titanium Backup comes in handy at this moment. It is considered as the best app to take backup of your data. With Titanium Backup, you can take a complete backup or backup data of only some specific apps.

You can even schedule your backups with this app and upload it directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox account so that it stays safe there.

Download Titanium Backup

#2. Root Uninstaller

Are you one of those people who are fed up with the stock applications that takes up most of your memory space and are not able to uninstall? Because I am one of them and many other people too are fed up of this bloatware apps.

The stock applications are normally of no use and takes up most of your memory which can be used for better purpose. One of the benefits of Android rooting is that you can gain control over what things you want installed in your smartphone and what not.

Root Uninstaller is one such applications that help you in removing such unwanted applications. The app helps you clear all the memory space by removing the bloatware apps and also will be able to backup/restore your apps and even hide them. It is clearly one of the best Android apps for Rooted phones.

Download Root Uninstaller

#3. Greenify

Greenify is one of the best Android apps for rooted phones that one must surely install in your smartphone. It doesn’t uninstall or freeze any running apps, it just pauses them when they are not running in the foreground.

Most of the time, you just forget to close an app or it just stays open in the background without your knowledge. At that time, Greenify comes into action and pauses them without uninstalling them when they are not functioning and not needed.

Download Greenify

#4. ROM Toolbox

The must have app for any smartphone, ROM toolbox pretty much does everything you might ask for in an app. Its a complete package that performs different tasks on your rooted smartphone.

There are a lot of things that these app can do on your smartphone. Some of the things that it can perform are complete app management, your applications and data backups for safety, control the kernel, font installer to install new fonts, boot animation installer, CPU management, SD tweaker and lots more.

There’s a whole lot of things that you can do with this app. Clearly it is one of the best Android apps for rooted phones.

Download ROM Toolbox

#5. Chainfire 3D

Not every Android user owns a high-end smartphone that runs on the latest Android operating system. Many of them, or I might say that most of them are still using the Froyo or Gingerbread version of Android.

This old versions might not be able to run high-end games and so most of the users feel a lot frustrated. But once you have rooted your smartphone, you can do a lot of things with it. One of them being able to run a game that won’t run on Froyo or Gingerbread.

Chainfire 3D is one of the best Android apps for rooted phones that helps you play games by playing the middle man between your apps and the graphics driver, giving you the control to enable or disable the graphics to run new games, even in older versions of Android OS.

Download Chainfire 3D

#6. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is also one of the best Android root apps but it doesn’t quite fit in to the category with all the apps in this list. But still it has its own benefits if you have installed it.

With ES File Explorer, you can scan through the innards of your Android system to search of any particular file that you can’t find in the stock way. You can request root access and then the file manages allows you to do reading and writing of systems.

Download ES File Explorer

Which are the Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones?

Those were some of the best and must have Android root apps that you must install once you have rooted your smartphone. But the list doesn’t end here and it just goes on and on and on.

We would surely appreciate your feedback and will love to hear about the best apps that you consider to install whenever you root your device. Do let us know your views via the comments below.

So have you rooted your Android smartphone? Yes! Then go now and install these best Android apps for rooted phones and see what your smartphone is capable of!


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