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RQVPSMNNY8V6 Are you looking for a solution to your virus problems? If you are looking for some of the best free online virus scanner to scan your computer for viruses, then this is the post that might help you do that. We are sharing some of the best free online virus scanner to help you scan your computer for viruses.

The best thing about the online virus scanner is that they are completely free to use and you can scan with it without installing them on your computer. There are some instances when the online virus scanners were able to detect viruses, trojans and malwares that even the antivirus failed to detect. So if you are willing to scan your computer or laptop for threats, then this is the post that will help you for sure.

 Free Best Online Virus Scanner

So now that you are ready to scan your PC for viruses and harmful threats from your browser without installing an antivirus, then read on for the best virus scanners.

5 Best Free Online Virus Scanner

1. BitDefender Online Scanner

BitDefender Online Virus Scanner

BitDefender is one of the best softwares that helps you in protecting your computers from viruses and other threats. But with the BitDefender’s online scanner you can scan your PC for the potential threats without installing the software on your computer. So scan your PC with this online virus scanner and check if your system is protected or not!

2. ESet Online Virus Scanner

ESet Online Virus Scanner

With ESet online scanner, can scan your computers for viruses and the scanner will detect the threats and also remove them from your computer. However, the scanner is optimized for Internet Explorer, but for using it on Chrome and Firefox, you will need to download and install a small utility on your PC before using the online virus scanner to scan for viruses and remove them.

3. F-Secure Online Scanner

FSecure online Virus Scanner

F-Secure online scanner is one of the best online virus scanners out there and should be used when you want to remove the threats from your PC. Almost all the browsers are supported, including Internet explorer, Chrome and Firefox. But the only requirement is that your PC must have Java Runtime Environment installed and enabled. The process of scanning is a bit slow as it downloads all the latest virus databases first and then scans your computer to give you the best results.

4. Panda ActiveScan

Panda Activescan Online Virus Scanner

This online scanner is also proved to be quite good at scanning for viruses and other threats on your PC. With Panda ActiveScan you will be able to scan your computer for the harmful threats. The scanner will install an ActiveX control on Internet Explorer and downloads the latest virus databases before running the scan so that it can find all the virus if any.

5. Virustotal

Virustotal Online Virus Scanner

Virustotal is a slightly different kind of online virus scanner as it scans only those files that you choose. And the biggest problem with it is that it can scan files or folders of the size of less than 64MB and not more than that. However if you want to scan just a small file, then VirusTotal should be the ideal choice. Other than scanning files and folders for viruses, you can even scan any URL with it to find if it is pointing to some harmful site or not.

Which Free Online Virus Scanner Do You Use?

So those were the best online virus scanners that you can use to scan your computers and check if it is infected with viruses or other kind of threats like malwares and trojans.

So use these virus scanners to scan your PC and find out if there is any virus or other threat stored on your computer. Almost all of these online virus scanner are free and they are really good at what they do, finding virus and other potential threats. So go now and try them out!

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3 Comments to Top 5 Best Free Online Virus Scanner

  1. Sasikumar Krishnan

    ESET is best among all. It always do it’s job without affecting system speed or process. I have using ESET Smart Security antivirus for more than 5 years.

  2. Hello,

    Well i’ve already tried BitDefender Online Scanner which is great one among all of the above mentioned because i never tried any of them. Although i tried mcaffe which is great.

    thanks for the great resource for online virus scanners.

  3. Nice piece of information mate !
    I didn’t know that online scanners do exist . I would check out those links ASAP as i have no antivirus installed on my computer right now . Thanks for sharing these awesome antiviruses with us.


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