Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog

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If you are running a blog or website, you might be willing to make some money out of it. Making money from a blog is really a tough task but with some dedication and work in the right direction, you will be able to make a decent amount of money from it.

You might have heard about Google Adsense as the best source of income from a blog but as it is the best, you won’t be able to get in that easily. Their policies and rules make it quite tough for people to get approved and sometimes you just wonder as to what went wrong and why was your application rejected?

Google Adsense Alternatives

If your application was rejected, then that’s not a problem at all as you can still earn enough money from your blog using the other services, some of the alternatives of Google Adsense. Here I have made a list of 5 of the best Google Adsense alternatives that you can use on your blog and make some extra income.

Disclaimer: We have not used all the programs mentioned below in the post. This is just an attempt to discover more contextual ad options. Please take some time to check for details of the services that you are willing to use on your website.

5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

#1. Chitika

Though Google Adsense is the best in the market, Chitika also doesn’t lag much behind as it can be considered as the best after Adsense. Though Chitika doesn’t pay you as much as Adsense does but still it is better to get something rather than nothing.

Chitika’s basic publisher program is just above the average but the higher level programs like the Silver level and Gold level pays you a lot more for every click. But to get there, you must have a great site that gets a lot of visitors everyday. If you are not getting many visitors, then also it’s not bad as with proper placement of the ads, you might be able to see a jump in the revenue.

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#2. SocialSpark

SocialSpark can be considered as a really good option to monetize your blog if your blog attracts visitors from countries like US. This is not a program as Chitika or Google Adsense, but it pays you to publish sponsored posts on your blog.

The advertisers at SocialSpark review your blog and if they are satisfied with it, they might pay you to publish an article on your blog with their links in it. This is a nice way to monetize your blog if you don’t want to rely on contextual ad networks. It can be counted as one of the best Google Adsense alternatives seeing that many people are using it and are much satisfied with it.

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#3. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the best in-text advertising network that pays you awesome amount if your site gets good traffic and more organic traffic. You can customize it so that you earn more money from the same traffic.

Infolinks uses the in-text advertising model in which they places ads in between your content on various words. When a pointer hovers over that word, the ad appears. It is a CPC model, so you get paid only when a visitor clicks on the ads. Some other options are also available to use on your site, so it is a good thing if you check it out once on your blog.

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#4. Yahoo-Bing Ad Network

This is one of the biggest collaborations of the two of the biggest search engines, Yahoo and Bing. Though they both have their individual ad-serving network, they both launched another ad network and operate it with the name

It is not as good as Google Adsense and doesn’t pay much to you. But if your blog has most of the traffic coming from United States, Canada and United Kingdom, then you can go with this ad network to make more money from your blog. Though not as good as Adsense, it can be considered fit to be counted as one of the Google Adsense alternatives.

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#5. LinkWorth

LinkWorth is yet another advertising network that offers you a number of way to make more and more money from your blog. It’s not just a CPC-based model but offers a variety of ways to make money.

With LinkWorth, you can display ads on your blog or use the in-text advertising to earn money. With it, you also get paid for publishing sponsored posts on your blog so that ensures that you will get paid a good amount at every month end. You must consider it as one of the best Google Adsense alternatives.

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Have You Used Any Google Adsense Alternatives?

Those were the 5 of the best alternatives of Google Adsense. I know that there are more of such services that you can use on your blog to make more money but these are the best and doesn’t give you a tough time to get approved.

None of the above networks are as good and efficient as Google Adsense, but they do their work best and that’s what counts. Moreover it’s always better to get something rather than getting nothing.

So go now and start using the above Google Adsense alternatives and see how you make more money out of your blog without any extra effort.


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