Which is the Best Platform for Gaming – PC or Consoles?

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Whenever you think of buying a gaming platform like Xbox or PlayStation, you should think that is there any need to buying the console. Normally everyone today has got a computer in their house with decent configuration, then rather than spending a lot of money to buy a gaming console device, you can just upgrade your PC’s hardware that would cost you a lot less.

But that doesn’t answer our question. What is the best platform for gaming? Is it computers? Is it Xbox 360 or Xbox One? Is it Sony’s Play Station? Or is it Nintendo Wii?

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The best gaming platform solely depends on the preferences on the users. If you are comfortable playing games with a controller, then consoles would be your choice; but if you are good with hitting the keys on your keyboard, then you would prefer a computer for gaming.

How to Decide the Best Gaming Platform?

Normally, as I said, it depends on the preference, however at some time; it also depends on the types of games that you are trying to play.

If you closely look at the release trends of games, some of the most awaited games like GTA 5 was released solely for gaming consoles like PS4 and there was no PC version. It still hasn’t released a PC version of the game but the word is that it’s going to roll out in Fall this year.

Since gaming companies are releasing games for consoles first and the PC versions are released a lot later, an avid gamer would opt for a PlayStation or Xbox. But if you are okay with the delayed release, then the computer version too are rocking.

There are many computers and laptops available that are built for the sole purpose of gaming. Alienware and Razer are the best brands to go for if you can spend money because you get the best configuration in your PC/laptop when you go for an Alienware or a Razer Blade laptop.

So I would conclude this post saying a simple thing, choosing between a console device and a computer/laptop can be tough at times but it is up to you and only you to go with what you like and what you are comfortable with. But decide by keeping in mind the type of games and the release trends of the games and choose the gaming platform wisely.


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