Top 7 Best Torrent Clients for Windows and Mac OS X

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One of the best thing about Internet is that you can see whatever you want and you can even download whatever you want. The best place to share and download high quality files, torrent sites are considered to be the best.

Downloading from torrent sites is pretty simple, but the process becomes a lot simple if you are using a BitTorrent client to download it. To enjoy the best speeds to download torrent files, you might be needing a good or may be the one of the best torrent clients to carry out your download process.

Best Torrent Clients

But before we get on with the list of the best torrent clients, let me tell you something more about torrent file sharing. The files that are shared on torrent sites and that you are able to download; all of these is possible because of a BitTorrent protocol.

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This protocol is a peer to peer file sharing protocol that allows users from around the world to collectively share and download data of large sizes with just some simple clicks.

So here are some of the best torrent clients out of which you can use some on Windows and some on Mac OS X that give you great speed as compared to other clients.

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Best Torrent Clients for Windows and Mac OS X

#1. µTorrent

µTorrent is one of the fastest and the best torrent clients that you might need to download torrent files to your computer. If you are just a normal user, you can easily install it and start downloading the torrent files with this client right away, but if you are a more advanced user, you get a lot of features at your fingertips like the bandwidth allocation.

If you are completely new to downloading torrent files on your computer, then this would be the best torrent client for you to start torrenting.

Download µTorrent

#2. BitTorrent

A revamped version of µTorrent and the user interface is completely the same as that of the former. The user interface, along with the working is a lot similar and there is nothing different thing. However BitTorrent client is blocked at some of the torrent sites, but overall it is a really good one and can be considered as one of the best torrent clients to download files from torrent sites.

Download BitTorrent

#3. Tixati

Tixati is a resourceful and minimalist torrent clients that isn’t as visually appealing as the µTorrent but is highly configurable and supports more advanced features like bandwidth management and magnet linking. Tixati is not at all visually good but this torrent manager is really a lightweight client that helps you in downloading files with much ease.

Download Tixati

#4. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is one fast and efficient torrent client that comes with a lot of features under the hood. qBittorrent is one of the best torrent clients that comes with bandwidth management, torrent queuing, prioritizing, remote access, torrent creation tool and a built-in search engine to search for torrents from a number of popular torrent sites. qBittorrent is seriously a good option that you must try out.

Download qBittorrent

#5. Deluge

Deluge can be considered as one of the best torrent clients for Windows because it does what it should do best and that is torrent management. Deluge gives you a fast downloading speed and better handling of the torrents and is completely dependent, stable and efficient. It is one light-weight and resourceful client that you must give a shot.

Download Deluge

#6. Vuze

Vuze boasts of a clean and elegant UI combined with settings and multimedia features. While most of the torrent clients go for a cleaner approach, Vuze goes for an all-in-one approach combining media management functions. It’s certainly one of the best torrent clients out there, if you can ignore the heavy resource draw and the all-in-one approach.

Download Vuze

#7. BitComet

BitComet is one dependable client that comes with some interesting features such as torrent sharing and also long-term seeding. However the torrent client is littered with popups and advertising banners, so if you can put up with that, BitComet would give you a good performance.

Download BitComet

Your Take on Best Torrent Clients:

So that was the list of the best torrent clients that you can use to download the files of big sizes easily and efficiently. The list of the best torrent clients is not limited to the above 7 and doesn’t end here. There are still other torrent clients that you can download and use, but the above clients are considered as the best ones.

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So go on and use one out of them or all of them as you like and do share your views on what you think about the best torrent clients via the comments below.


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