How to Download APK Files From Google Play Store Directly on PC?

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Most of us are already familiar with Android OS and we know that it has a big marketplace where you can find almost all the applications for every need. This app marketplace is known and Google Play Store and it comes pre-installed in every Android smartphone that shows the supported applications and games that one can install on their device. But sometimes, you will notice that Google Play Store doesn’t work properly in your smartphone even if you have a high-speed Internet pack active on your device.

At such a time, you start looking for a way to download the apk files of the apps and games on the Internet and you download the apk files from unknown sources and different sites. Most of the sites share legit apk files but there are many sites that gives you pirated versions of the apk files and sometimes this may harm your Android smartphone and you won’t even know it. So it is better to download apk files from Google Play Store directly on your PC. Here’s how you can get the apk files from Google Play Store.

download google play store apps Apk on PC

Download Apk Files from Google Play Store on PC:

There are many sites on the Internet from where you can download Android apps for PC, many popular applications like Whatsapp for PC but download the apk files of such app is the main task.

But that won’t be a problem anymore as we have found a great site using which you can easily grab the apk file of your favorite application or game directly from the Google Play Store without depending on third-party and malware containing sites.

  • First of all you need to open from which you will be able to download apk files from Google Play Store.
  • You will see that the webpage is very simple containing a text box where you will enter the URL or package name of the app that you want to download and a button to generate the download link.
  • Next open Google Play Store on your computer screen. (Link to Google Play Store)
  • Now you need to search for the application that you want to download to your PC. For example, here I want to download Whatsapp apk file on my computer so I will search for Whatsapp in the Google Play Store on my computer.
  • Now when you click on the app name, the application webpage will open. Here I am searching for Whatsapp so that Whatsapp app page will open on my computer screen.
  • Now you need to copy that package name from the address bar as shown in the image below. (You can even copy the entire URL if you want)

download apk from google play store

  • Now copy the package name or the URL in the text box of the application and hit the Generate Download Link button.

download from google play store

  • Once the download link is generated, you will see a green button appearing on your screen. Click on that button and the application download process will begin.

apk from google play store

  • Once you click on the green button, the download process will start and now you will be able to transfer the apk file to your smartphone from your PC and install the application on your device.

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can get the extension in your browser and download the application from Google play store easily using the extension button.

You can follow this guide to get the extension installed in your browser. With this little extension, you will see that whenever you are visiting a page in the Play Store, a small button will appear in your address bar on the right side. On clicking that button, the download process of that particular app will start. In this way, you will be able to download apk files from Google play store more efficiently.

If you face any troubles or difficulties, then you can just leave your comments in the comments section below and I would love to help you out. Meanwhile share this post with your friends as well.


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