How to Download Torrents With ZbigZ Using IDM?

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What do you do when you want to download your favorite movies in HD quality? Do you head over to YouTube or buy a DVD of the movie? No you don’t do any of the above two. What you do is head over to torrent sites and download the torrent file of your favorite movie and then use a torrent client like µTorrent on your PC to download the movie. But the download speed of the best torrent clients is pathetic. So here is a way you can download torrents with ZbigZ using IDM or Internet Download Manager.

We all know that even after using the so called best bittorrent clients on your PC to download the various torrent files, you don’t get a proper download speed. Sometimes you get proper high download speed with it but that’s very rare and mostly you get a speed that is nowhere near to what you usually get with other download managers like IDM. The reason that you don’t get proper download speed with torrent clients is that there are not high seeds of the torrents. The more the seeds, the higher is the download speed but still not close to IDM download speed. So today in this post, I am going to show you a simple way on how you can use an online bittorrent client to download torrents at high speed. Here’s how you can download torrents with ZbigZ using IDM.

How to Download Torrents With ZbigZ Using IDM?

What is ZbigZ? ZbigZ is an online bittorrent client where you have to upload the torrent file, it will cache the files and zip it. Once the zipping of the files is complete, you can hit the download button to start downloading the torrents with IDM. That’s how easy it is to download torrents with ZbigZ using IDM.

Here’s the step-by-step guide that you can follow to start downloading your torrents at high speed using Internet Download Manager.

Note: The free version of ZbigZ allows you to download a file of maximum size of just 1 GB and you will get download speed of around 150 kb/sec. You can get a premium account to remove the restrictions from the file size and download speed.

Step 1:

Go to and on the homepage, you will see an option to upload the torrent files. So be sure that you have already downloaded a torrent file on your computer. Then click on the upload button, select the torrent file and hit GO button. Once you hit GO button, then select the ‘Free’ option.

Download Torrents With ZbigZ

Step 2:

Once you have uploaded the torrent to the site, you will see the screen just like below on your computer monitor. The caching process of the torrent has been started. So wait till the torrent caching process is complete. It will take just a few moments.

Download Torrents with ZbigZ IDM

Step 3:

Once the caching process is complete, you will see a screen just like the image below. You will see a ‘.zip’ button next to your torrent. It means that your download is now ready.

Download Torrents with ZbigZ IDM

Step 4:

Click on the ‘.zip’ button and you will see an IDM download box pop up on your computer screen just like in the image below.

Download Torrents with ZbigZ Using IDM

Step 5:

Hit the start download button in the Internet Download Manager pop up. Your download will now start and the download speed will be somewhere around 150 kb/sec.

Torrents Downloaded With IDM

Download Torrents with ZbigZ Now!

So now that you know a simple and effective way to download the large torrent files using Internet Download Manager at higher download speeds, you should head over to ZbigZ right now and start download your favorite movies, TV series or games.

I would really like to hear your experience of downloading the torrents with ZbigZ, the online bittorrent client. Do share your experience when you started to download torrents with ZbigZ and if you liked the post then do share it with your friends so that they too know about a way to download torrents with ZbigZ using IDM or Internet Download Manager!


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