DVDFab DVD Copy – Features and Installation Guide

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The latest version of the DVDFab DVD Copy software is now available for download. This DVD copy software is extremely popular around the world as a flexible and powerful application for copying DVD files and allowing users to customize the output file version through its wide range of features. The DVD Copy software is known for its excellent features which facilitate burning DVD files onto other blank DVDs or simply copy the original file into a file folder that can be used as an ISO copy that can be compressed and transformed onto discs with small capacity. The speed of copying file from the sources is excellent and the quality of the copied file is almost equivalent to the original source.

The DVDFab DVD Copy software application is ideal for users who are looking to keep a backup of their original DVD files. It has been suggested by almost 40 million users around the world for its powerful features and excellent results.


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Features of DVDFab DVD Copy:

Some of the highlights of the DVDFab DVD Copy software are:

  • Burn/clone/copy/decrypt and backup of any DVD
  • Copy files from DVD5 to DVD5, DVD9 to DVD9 and DVD5 to DVD 9 and vice versa
  • DVD copy modes: main movie, full disc, split, customize, merge, burn or copy
  • The software allows users to remove any protection that is available on the original DVD file and safely copy the file to any blank DVD.
  • It allows copying file from the original source to keep it as a backup on the hard drive in the ISO format. In case there is no blank disc available for transferring the file, users can simply play it directly from the hard drive with simple click of a button.
  • Users can burn the original file copy to a blank DVD disc provided they have DVD writer ROM on their laptop or PC.
  • The additional features and settings available in the software application allow users to merge, split and customize files without compromising the original quality. It makes perfect 1:1 ratio in terms of copy.
  • Simple features and settings of the application facilitate personalization of the copied file. Users can edit changes pertaining to sub picture and audio streams, remove unnecessary content, set different languages, change the title’s playback order, copy certain sections and burn files in different speeds.

How to Install DVDFab DVD Copy on Your Computer?

  • Simply go to the DVDFab website and click to download the application to your computer.
  • Run the setup .exe file to initiate the installation process.
  • After the installation is complete, choose the DVD ROM drive for the original DVD file and tweak the features and settings to copy the file and save it on the computer hard disc.

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