EaseUs Todo Backup Review – Backup Software for your PC

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Does it happen to you that your computer crashes and all your data you have preserved is immediately wiped off? This things happens many times and in many ways. The worst thing that can happen is when your hard drive crashes. That’s the worst thing and you can’t do anything to get all your data back and data recovery software also won’t help. But if you have taken backup of your data, then it might come in handy at such moment. So today I am going to tell you about EaseUs Todo Backup software that helps you take backup of your data.

EaseUs is already a very popular name, mostly because of its data recovery tool that has helped many people in recovering their lost data. But they also have another great software to offer to the computer users. EaseUs Todo Backup is a great software that lets you take the backup of data so that when the recovery tools doesn’t work, you still have the backup that you can restore. So let’s see the review of this free backup software from EaseUs.

What EaseUs Todo Backup Can Do?

EaseUs Todo Backup has been reviewed and recommended by some of the top technology sites on the Internet like CNet, PCWorld and SoftPedia and if they count it to be the best backup software available for your PC, then it has to be the best.

EaseUs Todo Backup Software Review

However like every other backup software, EaseUs Todo backup can also do certain main things like taking system backups and running backups when you schedule them. Here are certain things that it can do:

  • System Backup
  • System Recovery
  • File/Disk/Partition Backup and recovery
  • Recover to dissimilar hardware
  • And much more features as you go premium.

How EaseUs Todo Backup Works?

With EaseUs Backup software on your computer, you can do a number of tasks like taking backup, taking recovery and also making disk clones.

EaseUs Todo Backup Review

As you can see in the image above, you can take a different type of backups using the tool. You can backup your entire system or only disk/partition and file backup.

Same is the case with recovery options where you can recover the disk/partition or make a file recovery. You even have the option for system recovery. You also can clone partitions and disks using the backup software.

With EaseUs Todo backup, you can create an emergency disk, mount or unmount the data, wipe the data and many other things. So download the software on your PC now and see for yourself how powerful and useful can this simple software be for your PC.

How You Can Get EaseUs Backup Software?

EaseUs Todo Backup software is available in many different versions, like for home and office use, for business use and for service providers.

Now we are using it for a personal use, so we will download the home and office versions. There are 3 types of softwares are available to download.

  • Todo Backup Free (With backup features)
  • Todo Backup Home (Premium)
  • Todo Backup Workstation (Premium)

So you can download the free version of EaseUs Backup Software for taking simple backups of your data on your computer. Also let us know how did it go for you and share the post with your friends as well!


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