How to Find a PG Accommodation in Bangalore in 5 Simple Steps?

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With the rising standard of living the rent accommodation seems bit tight for the aspiring group of people who shifting at early age. The best possible is always opting for PG accommodation as it takes care of the shelter as well as food, though finding a proper PG accommodation is a real challenge now a days; but with you get sorted in 5 easy steps in finding paying guest accommodation in Bangalore even before you reach Bangalore. All you need to do is type

pg housing app

Pick the Service and Select your City

Once you have landed on the website, you have to pick up the PG & Hostel option from the grid and select your city Bangalore and click Enter and you are treated with all the PG options available in the city on the list as well as on the map

Verified Listing & Photo Gallery

Hovering the mouse to the PG options opens a pop – up window on the right hand side with the photo gallery and Verified tag. All the properties listed in are visited and scrutinized by the team personally. All the photographs displayed there are clicked by the professionals for your reference. The photos provides an overview about the look and feel of the room


Authentic rating about lifestyle and locality provides you with the insight of neighborhood and localities. The Detail tab provides you with all the required information you require ranging from the rent to the inclusions and entitlements. If it suits you and you still want to check out other options you just click to the Add to Shortlist and the same will get included in the shortlisting panel. You may repeat this with other PG options to add to the shortlist panel and compare before you finalize your PG accommodation. In the pop – up window you also get the option for Commute which provides you with the commutation option and connectivity of that property with the city. Nearby options features all the available amenities and facilities you have in the vicinity of that particular PG accommodation


On the top of the map, runs the filter panel. To streamline your search, you set your priorities on the filter panel. Even the option of short by relevance assist you in customizing your search as per rent and life style rating. The filter panel also gives you the option to search PG accommodation listed by brokers or the landlords. If you prefer to deal with the landlords solely, you can customize your search accordingly. Be it a broker or the landlord, the contact details are also available with the modes of communication including messages and contact numbers

Maps for exact location mapping

All the properties are plotted on the map too, with the vision that if you are not from the city, at least you will have a fair idea about the location of the property. For example it is always advisable to opt for

PG accommodation nearby your college or work. The map address this concern and you can locate your PG nearby your work or have an idea between these two point

So, by now, I think you are sorted with the concern of finding a PG in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore in 5 easy and simple steps, and still if you require assistance in PG hunting after exploring the portal, feel free to buzz at their 24*7 hotline number 03-333-333-333


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