How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 Easily?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most sold out Android devices and was the first smartphone to really become the bestseller. This smartphone made way for its successors, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 to roll out and hit golden numbers in terms of both sales and satisfied customers.

There are still hundreds of thousands of Samsung Galaxy S2 still functioning and the people who use it have no intention of selling them or switching them for any other smartphone. If you are using a Galaxy S2 from a long time now, you might already know how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2 but if you still don’t know it or have just got it from somewhere and want to do a hard reset to it, this is the post for you.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2

Why Should You Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2?

There are many people who do a hard reset to their smartphones for various reasons. Some of them are always trying to do something new with their phones while others just want to restore all the previous default settings.

Either way, a hard reset can be considered a good thing as it wipes out all your data from the phone and gives it the brand new look, like you just bought it from a store.

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No customizations, nothing. The default wallpapers, the default widgets and all the memory space in your phone. A hard reset brings your smartphone in the state it was when you bought it.

So before you do a hard reset, you might want to backup all the necessary applications and data from your smartphone to some place safe as all the data will be wiped off completely and you won’t be able to find it. So it is advisable to backup before proceeding.

Disclaimer: You must know that this procedure will wipe out all your data like the contacts, messages, photos, apps etc. Also we are not at all responsible if accidentally you end up bricking your device. So proceed at your OWN risk! Also keep your device’s battery charged up to 80%.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2?

There are 2 simple methods that you can use to hard reset your Galaxy S2 device. You can use either of the below methods, whichever you like, as both of them are easy and will do the same thing.

Method 1:

First of all, you must try the simplest method to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2. The simplest method to do the hard reset to your smartphone would be:

  • Go to “Menu > Settings” in your phone.
  • Then find and select the “Privacy” option. (If there is no Privacy option, select “Backup and Reset“)
  • There you will find “Factory Data Reset“.
  • Click on it and Confirm the process.
  • Wait for some time and your phone will be reset.

Method 2:

  • Turn OFF your Galaxy S2.
  • Wait for the smartphone to be turned off.
  • Next, press and hold the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons together until the Samsung logo appears on the screen and then you can let go off the buttons.
  • Now wait till the next screen is loaded.
  • Here the touchscreen won’t work, so use Volume Up button to move up and Volume Down button to move down.
  • Go to the wipe data/factory reset and select it by pressing the Power key once.
  • Confirm the process and wait till the wipe process is complete.
  • Now reboot your smartphone.
  • That’s it. You have successfully hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2.

I hope you liked the tutorial on how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2. If you have any doubts or queries that you want to solve, then do share it with us by dropping a comment below. We will do our best to solve any of your queries.

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