How to Hide Files and folders on your SmartPhone

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If you have a smartphone there may be several reasons you would want to hide your files. For example you would not want your phone to fall into the wrong hands and be stolen without any way to stop the person who had it from accessing your private photos and files. It’s therefore incredibly important that you learn how to hide files and folders on your smartphone so that you don’t have to worry in the unfortunate event that something like this happens.

How to Hide Files and folders on your android smartphone

There are ways you can hide files on your phone with ease. Some of these methods include various apps which you can use; some of them are methods which don’t require any apps whatsoever. It’s important that you therefore learn about these methods so that you can properly store and sort files as needed.

Here is a list of a few apps you can use to hide apps on your smartphone


how to hide files and folders on your smartphone

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This is a virtual safe which can protect your pics and vids as well as other apps and files. You can also keep your SMS and contact info private as well with its private contact option that hides everything which is important.

2. Video Locker

Video Locker

This is a private app for your videos. It uses hidden media which is then encrypted using and advanced 128 AES encryption. This will ensure that there is total protection so the videos can’t be seen by anyone whatsoever even if they take your SD card. They are locked and stored in an unknown portion of your phone.

3. Hide it Pro


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No one can snoop around on your phone with this app. All of your photos and videos will be protected and they can’t even be located by anyone except you. The media is actually stored behind a harmless looking audio player which actually works. It’s like having your own private stash on your phone.

4. Vaulty


This is a private gallery which hides all media from the main gallery. Simply transfer your pictures and videos then lock the app using your PIN or password. What’s cool about this app is that it will take pictures of anyone who is attempting to snoop through your phone.

App Lock

AppLock for android

This is a normal app which adds password protection options to your SMS, apps, photo, calls and email services. It can also be used to hide photos and videos. All you have to do is select the photos you want protected and enter your PIN to make it happen.

Now that we have seen the apps which can help you hide files on your phone, let’s talk about the options which will help you to hide files without the help or need of apps.

How to hide files on android devices without apps

The best way is to use the benefits of Androids Linux based programming. It’s difficult to use but being that it’s Linux based it’s primitive and no one else will be able to use it except you in most cases.

First you will have to create a hidden folder. Name it whatever you want and put a dot in the front of the name. The dot in front of the folder will tell Linux to never search for this folder or look inside of it. Only specific apps and file managers will even be aware that this folder exists. Since its hidden, the content won’t ever show up in any gallery or search.

The next option is to hide the media files inside of a folder which is already there. Do the same as before and create a .nomedia type file in the folder. Whatever file is placed within the .nomedia folder will not be found by any programs.

The only way which these files will be able to be found is through a direct search within the file manager. So anyone looking will first have to know that the folder exist and where it is located.

Good luck and hope this helps anytime you want to hide a file from prying eyes on your android phone system.

how to hide files and folders on your iPhone

For iPhones it’s a little more complicated to hide files, however, with the help of some apps, you can easily hide any kind of files including docs, videos, pictures and more. These are the best apps that will allow you to hide your files on your iOS devices:

1. Hide My Folder


Hide my folder provides robust security protection for your videos, photos, contacts and notes by using two passwords, a real and a fake password, and when someone enters a wrong password, this app will take a photo and the GPS location of the intruder. Hidden my Folder costs $4.99

2. iDiscrete

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iDiscrete is one of the best apps to hide almost any kind of files including pictures, videos, audio, text, docs, and more. It protects your files with a touch sequence protection, rather than a passcode, thus making it less suspicious. You can easily upload any kind of files from your computer. It costs $2.99 on the apple store.

3. Folder Lock

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This is a password-protected app that provides a wide range of options to hide files, including secret audios, documents, notes, contacts, secure browser that removes all traces, credit cards, bank accounts, send private messages, ID information, and much more.  The beauty of this app is that it comes with free limited version, which will be perfect for average users.

4. Private Photo Vault


If what you need is a dedicated app to hide all your photos and videos, this is a good option that brings an intuitive photo and video management feature that lets you organize your files easily, and when someone tries to enter your private files, the app will take a picture and the GPS location of the intruder. And best of all, its free.

5. Private Area


Private Areal lets you hide photos, contacts, notes, web sites, videos, and much more; this app keeps all your hidden files neatly organized in different folders all protected by a password. It costs $0.99.

I hope you find this article useful to answers your questions about how to hide files and folders on your smartphone, and I would love to know if you have found some other interesting apps and tricks to hide files on smartphones.


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