How to Use Cydia on iPhone and iPad Easily?

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You might be owning an iPhone or an iPad and you might be wondering what are the benefits of jailbreaking iPhone or iPad. That’s the reason you have landed on this site. I would say that there are many benefits of jailbreaking your iDevice and one of them is the Cydia app.

Many people literally buy the jailbroken iPhone and iPad but they don’t have an idea what a Cydia app is doing on their phone. Cydia is one of the best apps that you must have on your jailbroken iPhone or an iPad as that will help you in performing many tweaks on your smartphone. You can install many tweaks using Cydia that will help you supercharge your smartphone.

With Cydia installed on your iPhone and iPad, you can install many tweaks that are not available on a normal iPhone or iPad and today in this article you will learn how to use Cydia on iPhone and iPad.

How to Use Cydia on iPhone iPad

How to Use Cydia on iPhone and iPad?

If you are not quite sure if you have Cydia app installed on your iDevice, then just do a quick search in your phone and it will give you the results. Once you find out, tap on the icon and open the app.

When you open it for the first time, it will take some time to open and will require a working Internet connection on your smartphone so be sure that you have an Internet connection enabled on your iDevice or are connected to WiFi.

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Once Cydia app is opened, it will start reloading the apps and updating Cydia sources and will take some time to complete the task., depending on the network speed you are getting. Once done, you will be represented with the Cydia homepage on your screen.

Even if you have not used Cydia ever or don’t know how to use Cydia, then also you will be able to get familiar with it easily. With Cydia, you can install many tweaks on your iDevice to make it a lot better in terms of performance. Not only can you install free tweaks on your device, but you can also purchase the paid tweaks and install them on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Use Cydia Sections and What They Mean?

When you open the Cydia app, you will see 5 sections at the bottom of the screen. Those are the navigation buttons that you will use to go to different sections in the Cydia app.

  • Cydia: This takes you to the homepage of the app.
  • Sections: You can browse through the tweaks in their respective sections or categories. You can search for themes or different apps separately using this feature.
  • Changes: This shows if there are any new tweaks or any upgrade to the previously installed tweaks are available or not. It will show you whether any new tweak is made available for your device in a date-wise format so that you always get the latest tweaks.
  • Manage: Add or Remove any sources from here. To make the most out of your iPhone or iPad, you need to add different sources by adding their repo. You can add the sources or remove them from the Manage tab.
  • Search: You can search for the different tweaks from here.

That was the complete article on how to use Cydia for beginners. I am sure that now you might have understood everything that you need to make the most of your iDevice using the app.

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So now you can easily start using the Cydia app on your iPhone or iPad. If you have already jailbroken your iDevice you will get the app which you can use right away. If you are facing any problems or have any queries on how to use Cydia on iPhone and iPad, then you can share them with us via the comments below and we’ll try our best to solve your problems.


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