Improve Sales with the CRM System of the Magento Platform.

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Point of sales, that combines online and offline stores, is becoming more popular in recent years. It is really convenient when one can study the product line of an online store sitting in a comfortable chair at home, then choose the desired goods, make an order and pick it up at the store later or order threshold delivery. Do you agree?

In the modern world there’s no need to go to the store and buy a pig in a bag, not knowing in advance if a suitable product is available or not, whether has the price changed since then. Nowadays customers do not need to rely on the honesty of the seller only, choosing the goods in the shop, you can find real customer reviews right on the product pages.

If you have chosen Magento for you online store – well begun is half done. You should know that the choice of the system of customer relationship management (CRM) is no less important. A quality Magento CRM system will allow you to organize the work of your company at the highest level not only online, but also in the store: make it transparent, profitable and convenient for you, your customers and employees. There are some extensions for Magento & CRM integration. For example, with you can integrate your store with SugarCRM. This commercial product is distributed with open source code so that the system itself will cost you free and you will have to pay only for the support. It is worth noting that most of the companies use the same pattern with Magento. Therefore, you do not have to relearn. The entire functionality of the system for the end-user is accessible from a browser, which greatly simplifies its deployment.


So, the choice is made. The most important thing remains – to merge the two platforms and make them work as one.

In order to teach Magento to work with data from CRM, you will need a special extension as Magento doesn’t have this feature out of the box. Even if your online store has been working with clients for some time, but you have decided to go offline just now, there will not be any problems. The program has function of the export of online customers and their orders.

All data will be stored in the same place. Magento and your employees will use the same database in order to avoid inaccuracies in the presence of goods subject on the website. It will also exclude a situation when one and the same product claim two clients, e.g. one of which made an order online and the other in the store.

An additional point is that you do not have to create a description of the product twice – it is also common for Magento and SugarCRM.

Of course, the financial reports will include both – online and offline sales. As you can see, the system and its extensions are thought-out and convenient. This CRM program will help to improve sales and win your market share.


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