MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition Review

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Maybe, most users have lost their important files (like word documents, excel charts, and photos) due to mistaken operation, virus attack, sudden power outage, or other accidents. Under these situations what measures can users take? Ask professionals for help? It is absolutely not a wise choice. In fact, as long as data loss is not caused by hardware damage, using data recovery software is highly recommended, which can save much money as well as avoid privacy leakage. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is a piece of free but powerful data recovery program.

Data Recovery Capabilities of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Like most data recovery apps, Power Data Recovery Free Edition can help recover deleted data from emptied recycle bin as well as recover shift-deleted data from different storage devices. But apart from this basic function, it owns many other outstanding capabilities which are shown on its main interface:


In the main interface 5 data recovery modules are shown clearly, including “Undelete Recovery”, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery”, and “CD/DVD Recovery”.
“Undelete Recovery”: recover deleted files and folders from both local disk and external drive.
“Damaged Partition Recovery”: recover data on formatted/reformatted/raw drive, and restore data from the device Windows asks to format.
“Lost Partition Recovery”: retrieve data when partitions have been deleted or lost.
“Digital Media Recovery”: scan and restore photos, video files, audio files, or other media files only while many recovery programs scan all types of files.
“CD/DVD Recovery”: recover lost data from the CD or DVD which has been formatted or erased, and even recover data from scratched or defective optical storage devices. We have tested and find the vast majority of data recovery software does not offer such a function.

How to Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

To recover data from local disk, we just need to start the program at first, and then choose the most suitable functional module in accordance with actual demands. However, if we need to recover data from external storage device, hook the very device to computer in advance. Here, we take recovering lost data from formatted partition for example, so choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” to get the image below:


Here, all partitions are listed, and we need to choose the one which is suffering data loss and click on “Full Scan” (“Open” is not suggested for it may not find desired data). After scan, all possible partitions will be listed:


Now, selected the most suggested one and click on “Show Files”. After this step all files found from the selected partition will be shown:

In the image above we can locate desired file by typing file name to the input box of “Find file”, filter needless file via “Advanced Filter”, and preview data with “File Preview”. When finding needed data, check them and click on “Save Files” to set save path.

Note: data recovery software had better not be installed to the partition where data loss emerges, and recovered data had better not be saved to their source partition.

Nevertheless, though MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition can help us a lot when data loss appears, it is not perfect. Firstly, it can only be used in non-commercial environment. Once it is used in business environment, users will be prompted to purchase $119 commercial license. Secondly, it only recovers 1GB data for free. To recover more than 1GB data, users have to pay for it. We hope MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition can help recover more data for free.

It’s a good idea to give it a try and see how it works for you, as always a would love to hear your thoughts about this useful tool.


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