How Profitable The Mobile Gaming Industry Is?

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Due to the massive popularity of iPhone and Android operated devices like smartphones and tablets, the big companies and developers have focused their skills and resources towards targeting the mobile users and have been developing mobile games to cash in on this smartphone revolution.

But do you have any idea of how profitable the mobile gaming industry is? If you are a developer and you have a great idea, you need to turn that into a game and put it on iTunes store so that people with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad can download the game and enjoy it. But if you are thinking that you can earn money only if you make your game a paid app, then you are wrong.

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Flappy Bird was the most recent success in the smartphone games market which was banking around $50K/day for the developer. The game was free to download and the revenues came from ads. The game was taken down by the developer for some unknown or weird reasons but there were news that an iPhone with Flappy Bird installed reached a price tag of as high as $100K on eBay marketplace.

You shouldn’t go the same way and create a similar game however a smartphone game that is based on some real game like casino or slot games can do the trick. There are many people who still loves hitting the casinos or playing slot games but instead of driving miles for that, you could provide them with an opportunity to indulge in their favorite games using the smart devices only.

One such awesome app is the Slotomania free video Slots games, a free video slots game that provides the users to choose from 55 different slots and tons of other bonus features. With millions of users worldwide, the game is a favorite online slots game which comes packed with super-awesome graphics and amazing sound quality.

Furthermore, new games are added at regular intervals, special promotions are available and you can win coins by playing bonus rounds and free spins. If you are short of coins, you can always buy some coins from the in-app purchases.

When you too are going to enter the mobile gaming industry, you need to make sure that your game is simple and has an easy-to-use interface so that the users do not face difficulty in playing the game.


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