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Ever deleted any of your files and folders accidentally? This thing has happened with most of us as when we sit down to clean our computer’s hard drive to free it from all the junk, we end up deleting some important files as well.

Now regretting is not an option as you can quickly recover every file that you have deleted and restore them as they were in the different drives. There are many data recovery softwares that are available to download and recover the lost data on your computer. However they are not that good and only some really give you results.

One really data recovery software would be EaseUS. I have personally used this software many times to recover all those movies that I downloaded and were deleted by mistake. With EaseUS data recovery wizard, I was able to recover all the movies back to where they were.

How Does the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Works?

To recover data with the help of EaseUS data recovery wizard is as easy as 1,2,3 and you won’t even face any difficulties getting used to it. The user interface is kept as simple as possible so that the data recovery task becomes a piece of cake.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

With the data recovery wizard, you get the 3 options to choose from. Either you can do perform a deleted file recovery, a full recovery or partition recovery.

  • Deleted File Recovery – Can be used in the most normal cases when you want to recover files that you just deleted and even emptied the Recycle Bin.
  • Complete Recovery – This option will do a complete recovery which will recover all the deleted files of all formats – graphics, documents, emails, audio, video and everything from the selected drive. This option can be used when you have formatted the drive and want its contents back.
  • Partition Recovery – Accidentally deleted a partition. Recover it with partition recovery.

When you choose one of the above option and select the different file formats you want to recover, then you will have to choose the drive from which you want to recover the lost data.

Does It Always Work?

Most of the times, EaseUS will scan and list out all the files and folders that you deleted and will ask you which you want to recover. However, sometimes the software is not able to detect the deleted files and will show you nothing found.

When this happens, you need to go with the Complete Recovery Option. Select the drives for which you want to scan for the deleted files and click Next and the scan will start.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Once the software has recovered all the files completely, it will show you the complete list of the files found just like the image below.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Select the files that you want to recover and click on ‘Recover’. That’s it and the software will do the rest and you will find all the files back to there original position.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software – Complete Worth It!

There is no doubt that this is by far the best free data recovery software. However there are limitations with the free version and it’s completely fair. You get to recover 2 GB of your lost data with the free version.

However this one is completely worth every penny spend. You can upgrade the software to a PRO version and recover almost every of your files that you have deleted so far. So go now and download the software on your computer, install it and start recovering all the lost data files on your computer and restore them in the original state that they were.

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