Selling Old DVDs to Make Some Space in Your House

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DVD’s are the biggest source to store any kind of data’s inside it. The DVD’s can also play on any type of DVD players and some players can even play the scratched ones. As the DVD revolution got to its peak, many people started backing up their stuffs on the disks. This made any one to have more than hundreds of DVD’s on their house. The introduction of external hard disk made the sales of DVD’s low as people preferred to use the external hard disks in which more than 1TB of data’s can be stored on it.

If you have made many DVD’s fill the cupboards all over your house and searching for some ways to get rid of it, this article is definitely for you. The following are some the ways to sell or get rid of your old used DVD’s from your house and make some extra space which you can utilize to store something important.

Selling Old DVD

If you have a rewritable DVD, erase the content on it and make it a fresh disk. This can make you to sell it easily for a good rate. Many online sites can help you sell your DVD’s for a decent rate and they can also help you in selling your games. This depends upon the content that has been stored on the DVD. If you have a good collection of movies on the DVD’s, then for sure many people can go crazy on it and buy it.

There is always a good demand for original movies in DVD’s. People love to watch movies on the original ones. Take a picture of the DVD cover and post it on any online product selling websites. Thousands of people can take a look at it and bid or buy it directly according to the rate that has been mentioned on the website. Some websites makes selling a better way, as they collect the DVD’s for a good price rate and they sell it to others. This type of selling the DVD’s is profitable as we can easily give over the DVD’s to the online stores through their head office in your city.

The same demand goes for original music DVD’s. People prefer to buy such music disks for half the rate and make a collection in their own home. Original disks can be sold anywhere in the world for a better rate as people always buy such disks and make a collection of the famous actors, musicians and directors. Sell your old DVD’s for a good price rate and make sure your cupboards won’t get wasted with dusts in the near future.

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4 Comments to Selling Old DVDs to Make Some Space in Your House

  1. You can make a garden sell for this stuffs.
    I think not much people those days want to watch movie on DVD due to technology development. Or maybe you can have some ideas for DVD like house decoration.
    Thanks for your sharing/

  2. Hello,

    Yeah you are right most of the people are using external HDDs even i’m too. The idea of selling DVDs is really unique seems like i’m gonna give a try to it.


  3. Arbaz,

    I don’t have that many DVD’s but I think I would just through them away. I am not really into trying to sell that kind of stuff. It seems like it is more work than it is worth.

    It is an interesting thought though. The fact that someone can take old DVD’s and actually make money off of them while at the same time cleaning house.

    Dee Ann

  4. It would be great if you start a small venture and innovate your idea of selling your DVDs. This is unique.

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