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Technology is advancing and now almost every children has their own smartphones. So it is their parents’ responsibility to keep a check on the activities they do using their smartphones. For this purpose, there have been quite some spying applications available in the market and today we are going to present you with the one of the best mobile spy software in the market – SpyApp.

SpyApp is one of the best mobile spy app that works on smartphones. You can install the application in the target phone and then it creates an online account that you can log in to to check the live data. You can record all the calls made, get the real time GPS location of the phone, track the messages and get access to the complete contact list and the data stored on the smartphone.

spyapp mobile spy software

SpyApp Mobile Spy Software Features:

  • Track the current location of the phone and get the complete tracking history.
  • Get access to the complete list of contacts, emails and phone numbers.
  • You can view chat history of various apps installed on the smartphone. You can view chat history from GTalk, Facebook, Hangouts, Skype, Yahoo and LINE.
  • Keep a check on sent and received messages. Also you can check the messages on Whatsapp and Viber.
  • You can monitor the Internet usage by keeping a check on the browser’s history including Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • View the call history and you can even record the calls if you want.
  • Keep a tab on all the sent and received emails and you can also get to know the application usage history so that you know which application is used the most.
  • Get an alert when the SIM card is changed on the smartphone.
  • Browser the SD card’s content in the File Manager and you can even delete something if you want.
  • You can remotely control the smartphone and change the settings remotely.

Who Can Use this Mobile Spy Software?


The parents can use this mobile spy app to monitor their child’s daily activities. This spy application can let the parents track their children’s current location and keep a tab on the contents of their device and access the contacts and messages.


This is one of the worst case scenarios. If you ever think that your partner has been cheating on you, you can use this amazing cell phone tracking app to track the whereabouts of your partner remotely.


Do you think that your employees have told you a lie that they are sick and then went on for movies? You can know about your employees’ lies easily with SpyApp application.

Here is the complete guide to install the app – Click to Access the Guide

This is an awesome service that is available in two options – free and paid. The free package includes very little features like location history, view device info, remotely control the device and get an alert when the SIM is changed. The paid service comes with all the features that I mentioned above.

If you want to use this service to check on someone’s daily activities, then you should pay for it. This is an awesome mobile spy software that will help you get all the information you want about the activities of your children, partner or employees.


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