The History of Android – All versions of Android OS (Infographic)

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We all know that Android is the most popular mobile OS in the entire world and is being used on almost all the smartphones in the market, except iPhones. With this huge popularity and the power that Android OS brings to a smartphone, it has to be upgraded every now and then to meet the new technological trends.

Android OS was created in 2003 by Andy Rubin and was later acquired by Google in August 2005. Since then, the mobile OS has evolved a lot in terms of design and usability and all the amazing features it has brought on board. Now Android is not only a mobile OS but it is now used in smart watches, Android television, digital cameras as well as glasses.

Being an Android fan, I have always wanted to know everything about the history of Android, how it started and how it reached to the top of the mobile OS market. If you too want to know about the evolution of Android, then we have brought a great infographic for you to know everything related to the history of Android.

The History of Android:

This infographic is titled as “Android Through the Ages” and is created by who have explained every major as well as minor facts about the OS. There are some facts that we didn’t even know about the operating system like the very first version and which smartphone was the very first Android smartphone? So check out the infographic to know everything about the rich history of Android.

evolution history of android
Courtesy of: Universal Gadgets via TechGYD
Since the latest version of the OS, Android L or Android 5.0 is still in developer’s preview, it has not been mentioned in the infographic. The Android 5.0 will roll out officially in the coming weeks when all the bugs are fixed.

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