Top 4 Best Installous Alternatives That You Can Use

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Installous was the best 3rd-party app to download and install IPA files on your iDevice, but the team at have stopped any further development on Installous forcing us to look for some better alternatives to it.

As Installous was the best app to download IPA files and install in on your iPhone, the work for its development has been stopped and so we have created a list of the best Installous alternatives that you can use in its place.

Best Installous Alternatives

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend any tool like Installous or its alternatives to install IPA files. is in no way affiliated to any app or its developer mentioned in this post and we don’t support app piracy. The only reason that we post this is to help users try out costly apps before actually buying it. Developers spend a lot of time and money in creating the apps, so you must respect their work and buy the apps. Under no circumstances should this post be misinterpreted as promoting app piracy.

4 Best Installous Alternatives to Install IPA files

#1. i-Funbox

i-FunBox is considered as one of the best Installous alternatives by iDevice users after Installous shut down its operations. The tool basically comes as a desktop app and is pretty simple to use and understand. You can install IPA files by directly searching for them in the app and even the ones that you already have downloaded from elsewhere.

#2. Appcake

Appcake is yet another great alternative to Installous that has gained popularity in a very short period of time. It’s usage is almost the same as that of Installous and the people who have already used Installous won’t find any problems in getting used to it. This makes Appcake as one of the best Installous alternatives that are worth using to install IPA files.

#3. IPASearch

This Installous alternative has not been quite popular in the recent times but it surely isn’t the one that should be ignored. When you visit IPASearch from your iPhone, you can download IPA files directly from the server. This will help you find IPA files and download it directly to any of your iDevice but you won’t be able to install it until you use a tool like i-Funbox or similar.

#4. AppAddict

AppAddict is a comparatively new service where you can find lost of cracked iOS apps that are ready to download and install on your iDevice. If you visit the site from your iPhone, it will show you the iOS version of the website so you will be able to navigate through the apps and download them very easily. It surely can be counted as one of the best Installous alternatives to install IPA files.

Your Views On Best Installous Alternatives:

The above list of the 4 best Installous alternatives brought you some of the best tools that you can use to install IPA files to your iPhone or any other iDevice. The list doesn’t end here and there are still many other good alternatives to Installous that you can use.

However we are again saying that we don’t support piracy and you too shouldn’t. This post was created with the sole intention to give you information and to let users try out the costly apps before they decide to actually buy it. If you like the app, do spend a few bucks to buy it and reward the developers for their hard work.

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