Why is WhatsApp the best Smartphone Messaging App?

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The smartphones have changed the way we communicate and the way we browse with the help of various apps that are made available in there. One such fine example is WhatsApp messenger app which has changed the way we communicate. The numbers of registered users are increasing by the day for this messenger app. Now, the numbers of users who are using WhatsApp have crossed the 30 million mark. It is not that WhatsApp is the only free messenger app available, but still WhatsApp is reigning in popularity.

Though it was initially introduced for the Android devices only, but when the popularity increased they came out with iOS version as well as Blackberry, Windows and Symbian version too. It’s now also unofficially available for computer platform. You can now download WhatsApp for PC, using an Android emulator. When it spread its wings even wider, the popularity increased manifolds because now almost everybody could make use of this amazing messenger app known as WhatsApp. You can download WhatsApp for various devices for free.

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Why it is the most preferred one?

Many have argued about the preference of WhatsApp as the medium of communication over various other free messenger apps available. But, the fact remains that it is still the number one choice of most smartphone users and here are some of the reasons that will second the thought –

  • Comparing it with others – When you will compare it with the other messenger app, then you will witness that the user base of this particular messenger app is about to reach the 500 million mark. The other messenger apps that are available at present are not available across all platforms. WhatsApp is equally effective on a windows phone as that of an Android phone.
  • Services offered – A bevy of services is offered by WhatsApp ad they are Group chat, broadcasts, image and video sharing, hold to talk, location sharing, contact sharing, block user, delivery receipt, backups, online status, etc.
  • Saving memory – It doesn’t belong to the group of app which eats up the memory of your device. It is mainly possible due to the simple and intuitive nature of the application. There is no such use of heavy graphics or high pixel color.
  • Easy importing of contacts – Once you download the WhatsApp messenger app, you can be rest assured about one thing and that is your contacts will be imported into it automatically from the address book. It in fact goes one step ahead and shows you the numbers that are present in WhatsApp already, so that you can connect with them immediately.
  • Free text messaging – No need to spend even a penny on sending text message to your friend because WhatsApp has made it possible for the users to send and receive as many text.

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