Xolo Win Tablet Launched for Rs 19990 – Quick Preview

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Xolo, an Indian manufacturer has surprised me by launching a windows 8.1 tablet for the price tag of just Rs 19990. While the tablet surely packs some of the best in the class features and hardware, it will be interesting to see how it will perform in the day to day life. Here is the Xolo Win tablet review that you should refer in order to understand the in-depth features and specifications.

This article is aimed at giving you a quick overview of what this tablet is capable of doing. With this article, we have aimed to give you a quick preview about the Xolo tablet and what you should expect from it, both hardware and software-wise. We hope that you will like the article. So let us begin with the article about Xolo Win tablet.

Xolo Win Tablet – Quick Preview


The Xolo Win tablet has a 10.1 inch LED display with 1366×768 pixels resolution. The display also supports 10 point multi-touch which is very handy. Though the resolution might seem like little low, the overall quality of the display of this tablet is satisfying. It is in line with the most of the notebooks and laptops that are being offered in this price range.

xolo win tablet


Moving on to the hardware section where most of the power lies, this tablet comes up with the 1 GHz dual core AMD Temash A4-1200 with a Radeon HD 8180 graphics processor. Additionally, the device has 2 GB of RAM which can be very helpful in managing multi-tasking. The graphics performance is bit lower that my expectations but the overall performance was quite satisfying.


What shall we talk about the software? You’re quite familiar with the windows experience and this window 8.1 is quite similar to the windows 8 with small changes here and there. You get all the desktop glory in your hands which include the licensed copy of the Microsoft Office suite. You can create, edit all of your office work documents, excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations without much efforts.


The camera on this tablet is below average. The back camera is 2 megapixels which produces low quality images while the front camera is also not that good. I strongly believe that front camera should have been much better as it comes quite handy in video calling.


The tablet comes up with the 32 GB of onboard internal storage out of which 25 GB is used by the operating system itself. Surprisingly, you have the option of expanding the storage by adding a micro SD card in your shopping cart.


The Xolo Win tablet is capable of giving 5 to 6 hours of battery power which isn’t that great. That is almost in line with what the most of the laptops and notebooks offer.

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