Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, News, Rumors and Price

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most highly anticipated smartphone that is expected to be launched in 2014. Cashing in on the popularity of the Galaxy series and the great success of Samsung Galaxy S4 has prompted the South Korean company to come up with the next iteration in the Galaxy S series of smartphones. And the news and rumors that have surfaced in the past few weeks hints that the smartphone is going to be a market changer with bringing some really cool features that have never been seen in a smartphone before. So let’s get to the post about Samsung Galaxy S5 and see when it is going to be released and how much will we have to pay to get our hands on the smartphone.

Samsung launched the 4th generation of their highly successful smartphone series, the Samsung Galaxy S4 just last year and it was a huge hit all over the world and millions of handsets and their accessories were sold all around the world. As Galaxy S4 brought in really cool features and packed amazing hardware under the hood, the expectations with the next generation, that is Samsung Galaxy S5, has been high and we only have to see what the company has got in store for us.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date rumors price updates

The History of Samsung Galaxy S Series:

Samsung Galaxy S:

Samsung Galaxy S, launched in March 2010, was the first serious attempt by Samsung to enter into the smartphone market mostly dominated by iPhone and Android phones from HTC and Motorola. With a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and 1 GHz ARM Hummingbird processor, it did work out in the market with around 24 million units sold.

Samsung Galaxy S2:

Galaxy S2 is no doubt the best popular Android smartphones which are still around and receiving regular Android 4.1 updates. With its launch in 2011, Samsung easily raced ahead and became the best Android smartphone manufacturer and the Samsung Galaxy S2 became the best Android phone and received rave reviews with a number of awards.

Samsung Galaxy S3:

Samsung Galaxy S3 literally brought a storm in the smartphone world and it became the best and the fastest selling gadget in history. With various cool features like Smart stay, S-Voice and more, it once again helped Samsung receive a number of awards including the best smartphone award. It received many great reviews and was marked as an iPhone killer. It is still the best selling phone and many people still use it.

Samsung Galaxy S4:

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3, the South Korean mobile manufacturer became the best Android smartphone maker in the world, literally beating up HTC and Motorola and all other Android phone makers. It even gave strong competition to iPhone. And last year, Samsung rolled out another beast in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and as they say the history repeated itself. It became the best selling phone yet again putting Samsung in a league of its own.

And now the expectations are high with the next iteration in the series. What Samsung Galaxy S5 has to offer and will it really raise the bar for other smartphone manufacturers? Let’s see what the upcoming phone has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept


Samsung Galaxy S5 Design Rumors:

No Super AMOLED Screens:

You might not see any Super AMOLED screen in the Galaxy S5 as the rumors suggest. The South Korean company usually manufactured its own AMOLED screens, but since they have focused their entire attention on building the flexible OLED screens. The super AMOLED screens will be ditched for Sharp’s Low Temperature PolySilicon LCD offering. And given the fact that Samsung owns a considerable share in Sharp, it might not be a bad decision. The rumor or the information suggests that Sharp is going to provide 5-inch 2K Ultra HD LTPS display with 560 ppi, which is a higher pixel density.

There won’t be a Curved display:

There are rumors that Samsung has been working on a curved display and seeing a lot of information on the Internet, it might not be a rumor. But unlike LG G Flex and the Galaxy Round, Samsung Galaxy S5 might not be getting the curved display. Samsung can’t produce more flexible displays, it can produce only around 500,000 units a month and seeing that the flagship devices sell like hot cakes, they won’t be able to meet the demand.

The iPhone Fingerprint killer, the Iris Scanner:

Reports suggest that Samsung is working on Iris scanner, the company’s answer to iPhone’s fingerprint scanner. The sources have suggested that the company is working on the scanner for an unknown smartphone, and there are high chances that Samsung Galaxy S5 could be the first device to get the Iris scanner.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Inspired from Samsung design Patent

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date price

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Inspired from Samsung design Patent

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs and Features:

A 20 MP Camera:

Rumors suggest that Samsung’s flagship smartphone might sport a 20 MP camera but the phones with the 20 MP camera will be available only after the 2015 release. Till then, it seems that the smartphone will be getting a 16 MP camera and later on, most probably next year, it will be sold with a 20 MP camera.

It Might get a 2K Display:

According to various reports, Samsung is working on integrating its flagship handsets with 2K display which clearly hints that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could as well get the 2K display, making it the first ever smartphone to get it. According to TechRadar, that sums up to around 560 ppi packed in a 5-inch screen.

No Optical Image Stabilization:

There are rumors that there won’t be any Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology for the Galaxy S5’s camera. The OIS technology is a solution for the blurry images that results when a snap is taken of a moving object or with shaky hands. If the OIS is not offered with the device, it would be a big disappointment.

A 4,000 mAh Battery!

If this is true, then the people willing to get their hands on Samsung Galaxy S5 are in for a treat. A 4,000 mAh battery means that the smartphone will go on for at least a day and a half on heavy usage in a single charge. I so hope that this rumor turns out to be true.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs:

After Apple announced the 64-bit A7 chip in iPhone 5S in September last year, the South Korean company has been hot on its tails and producing an in-house chipset for its handsets. Though the company have never confirmed it officially but they never denied it either until now. Samsung has officially confirmed that it is about finished making the 64-bit Exynos processor chip and the Galaxy S5 might be the first one getting it.

The smartphone will be two processor variants, as with the previous offerings. One will be using Samsung’s upcoming 64-bit Exynos Octa eight-core chip, while the other will be a Qualcomm processor, not clear as to which one it will be – the 800 or the newly revealed 805.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept release date updates

Credits: Patent Bolt

Now that Android 4.4 Kitkat has already been launched by Google, it is a sure thing that it would be the OS of choice for Samsung Galaxy S5. And some rumors suggest that the company might be working on to offer both, Android and its own brand Tizen variants.

The smartphone may be the first smartphone to get a 4 GB RAM. There is no official statement on this but seeing the Galaxy Note 3 came out with a 3 GB RAM, it is only logical to expect that Galaxy S5 would become the first smartphone to get a 4 GB RAM under its hood.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date:

Rumors are doing round that Samsung might launch the upcoming flagship smartphone in March 2014, a year after Galaxy S4 was launched. The smartphone may be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress.

The launch event would surely be big as it were with its predecessors. The South Korean smartphone maker will take over the smartphone market with its flagship smartphone in the next few months, so you might not have to wait long enough to get the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price:

If you are expecting that Samsung would price the smartphone a little affordable then you might get disappointed. Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming with some of the best hardware under the hood and some really great features packed in it, so the price is going to be very expensive. So if you are thinking to get the smartphone, it is time that you start saving for it!

Wrapping it Up!

So that was all the news and rumors that are currently doing rounds for the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want to stay updated with the news and latest updates about the smartphone, you might want to subscribe to our email or follow us on Facebook so that you get all the latest scoops about the device. Be sure to check within days as we bring in the latest news and updates related to Samsung Galaxy S5.


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